Hello everybody and welcome on my site,

My name is Eric Farris, I am 39 years old and I have been computer graphics expert for approximately 9 years.

In 1999, after many attempts in the professional life, I returned to my first dream of kid: the drawing. I had the opportunity by the means of the graphic data processing to find this flame of creation. Autodidact (I made only one one week training course on Photoshop) and after a few months looking further into the graphic traditional software, I started to seek an employment to combine passion and work.

The graphic sector on Annecy (74, near to Geneva), is particularly stopped; not easy to find a job. After two years of replacements diseases, vacation, I decided to make the great jump and to become freelancer.

2003, I worked in the Macumba leisure center of St Julien en Genevois. Posters, flyers, small restaurants...were parts of my daily work.

In parallel, at home, I thorough 3d, with Bryce3D and later Poser, which quickly became my favorite software after impossible to circumvent Photoshop.

Exit Macumba, I have found my independence. With Golive d'Adobe, I have created my website. I preferred simplicity rather than making a too high tech site and to be honest, my knowledge as regards creations of Web pages remains limited. I hope nevertheless that it will be pleasant for you. That your wave of surfing is pleasant for you and thank you for your visit..